Arsenic Tea Party is a really music. There is much inspire from bands like Diablo Swing Orchestra and Metals. But no Mike Patton. Not him.



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I used to see local bands making posts on MySpace about their Summer tours. Now, here I am...making a post on Newgrounds about my summer tour...15 years later. You know, all you gotta' do is reach for that shooting star and hope it doesn't burn ya. Or some such...(it will definitely burn ya.) Anywho...Arsenic Tea Party is going on tour with Something Involving a Monkey and Bag of Humans this year...starting in...like 7 days or some such. Who's counting, right? What even is a day? Crazy, huh? Well, if we touched your heart and you happen to follow ATP, then look for us at these places and dates:

July 7th: The Depot - Baltimore Maryland.

July 8th: The Halftime Lounge - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

July 9th: No Class - Cleveland, Ohio

July 10th: Bemo's - Bay City, Michigan

If we aren't coming to your neck of the woods, then that's entirely your fault and you should not only chastise yourself in the fashion of the flagellates of old, but you should also contact your favorite local venue and demand we come there.

That is all.

No, it isn't...

We will have new merch available for this sacred tour. It is the first tour Richard Cynic has ever been involved with on account of violent fear and nervous diarrhea.


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You need audio?

Hey, Richard Cynic here. I used to head a dev team that made total conversion mods for Half-Life - I did all the sound, much of the VA, and music for them; which in addition to modeling, level design, scripting, gameplay design, and story - was quite the journey.

Now, I live a much simpler life. I make sausage, I sell sausage. I still do music, and am buckling down on engineering as well on the side though. I'm open to doing audio here on Newgrounds. It sure has changed a lot since 2003...Kind of exciting. I got some music here on my profile for my project "Arsenic Tea Party". I'll probably upload some personal tunes as well.

I've never personally made any money from my creative endeavors, but if you want to pay me, that's cool, man.

I'm down to do pretty much anything, as long as it isn't porn sounds. Nothing against porn sounds, but unless it's a raunchy comedic segment I'm doing them for, it's just not my thing.